Pancho Villa Story

The Story Of Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa was well known for being a Robin Hood like hero to the Mexican peasants.

He was an orphaned adolescent, working for an estate owner. His sister worked as well and was later assaulted by the owner himself. In her defense he retaliated against the owner and during the turmoil that followed, fled to the mountains to hide.

Pancho fought against the Mexican dictator, Diaz over land reform. In the unrest that followed he also tried to overthrow any subsequent dictator that held the same beliefs. He allied with other revolutionaries such as Mandera and Zapata.

The United States still recognized the carranza government, Pancho felt the government was not for the people and continued his raiding. General John Pershing was sent to Northern Mexico to capture him but was unsuccessful. The government was toppled in 1920. Pancho Villa was given amnesty and a hacienda, but subsequently assassinated by the people that still felt threatened by his power of Mexico